High tensile-strength tire cord calendared with high-quality rubber compound to a uniform gauge.

Description Width x Gauge Wt/Box
Inches mm Lbs. kg
Nylon 29 x 3/64 736 x 1.200 8.5 4
Polyester 29 x 3/64 736 x 1.200 8.5 4
Nylon Sq. Woven 28 x 3/64 711 x 1.200 8.5 4

Customized sizes with rubber compound suiting to different requirements can also be supplied.

Chemical Vulcanizing Fluid

Specially formulated, high-viscosity adhesive for applications where a tackier cemented surface is required. Compatible with Heat Cure or Dual Cure repairs. Flammable. Shelf life 6 months.
Available in 1 liter tin Container & 75ml tube.


A high solid content cement for hot and cold retread rubber application.BVC is available in spray or brush type for retreading and repairing. Excellent adhesion and tack in all humidity conditions. Fast-drying solvent reduces waiting and repair failures due to wet cement. Flammable.  Flash point below 0°F. Shelf life 6 months.

Description Liters Wt/Drum kg
Yellow Colour Drum Ready To Use (Quick Dry) 25 38.6 17.5
Red Colour Drum Normal Type (High Solid Content) 25 38.6 17.5