Associated with Business of Tyres & Tyre Retreading Material for over 60 Years. With the time our company has become most popular, prominent and main supplier in its category of Tyres and Tyre Retreading material. Our product is supplied all over the country through reliable Distributor / Dealers to its valued Customers. We are committed to give quality product and more value for money. We can also produce product specially design for specific requirement of different customers.

We have been manufacturing the product for the past sixteen years with an impeachable track record. Our products have undergone vigorous tests under diverse geographical and climatic conditions varying from the rough and rocky terrain of the Himalayas, the desert of Rajasthan to the slippery and dangerous terrain of the North Eastern region of India and have proved its worth. Presently our products are a household name in Tyre Retreading industry. Our products are comparable to all the renowned and established brands available.

Company's Motto & Aim:
"To Serve Quality products at par with International standard and meet total customized needs, expressed and implied"